Aldi wines (we’d actually buy!)

Firstly, we’re getting behind New Zealand’s mission to get a white wine emoji. If you’ve experienced the frustration that is trying to convey sipping on a chard with only red wine emojis… the time to stand up and fight for what you need, nay – deserve, is now! Sign your support here.

To Aldi wines!

It’s the dream, isn’t it? Being able to spend sub $10 and get a snazzy wine. We’re going in to find out if it’s possible.

$6 Sparkling

Meg is impressed with the “persistent beads” (good looking bubbles) … but, Mel jumps in with “I actively hate it.” Meg, who will always try to find something good about a wine, tries to find a silver lining as Mel gags on it. Nice try Meg, but it’s a no for this one.

Would we buy it? No.

Would we drink it? No.

$3 Chardonnay

A $2.99 chardonnay that claims to have “depth of flavour” – despite the fact that the packaging probably cost as much as the retail price! Consider us intrigued. Meg explains that because crops are high (lots of grapes) each grape will be dilute, and therefore, less flavour. Winemakers can help make up for this by choosing aromatic yeast… this leads to a more banana/ toffee apple flavour in the wine. Despite a lack of flavour, there’s a crisp acidity and nothing actively bad about it.

Meg deems it “imminently drinkable” and Mel says it’s “wildly inoffensive.”

Would be buy it? Only if we had a house warming for 100 people and we didn’t want to spend too much on people who don’t know much about wine.

Would we drink it. Nah, we’d have hidden our nice stuff somewhere else for our glasses!


This one is already a staple in Meg’s house, so we get the feeling it might be good. After pointing out “Freya and Jules” aren’t actually real people and the wine maker is likely a made-up name… we jump in. Hmmm…. It smells like a Clare Valley should smell (apple apple, lime juice, white flowers), the acid delivers and so does the palate. Perhaps a little less concentrated on the palate than we’d like, but for $9 – it’s pretty bloody good.  

Would we drink it? Yes.

Would we buy it? Yes. Great weeknight night.  

$13 Pinot Noir

Mel says you should never buy Pinot under $25, it’s time to see if Aldi can make the cut as an exception. Even though it’s called Yarra Valley Pinot Noir, it’s worth noting they can legally put in up to 15% other varietals and other regions. But look, if it’s made well who really cares – and for $13 you really can’t complain. Meg and Mel praise the red strawberry and cherry characters, but note the tannin is a bit harsh, this makes sense as they would want to squeeze every drop from the grape and skins. Mel says deems it good enough to fall into the “exception” category – you can buy this even though it’s cheap! It’s varietal, vibrant and juicy, and a little perfumed.  

Would we drink it. Consider us a yes!

Would we buy it? Yeah! Why not – maybe for a casual BBQ!

$13 Cabernet Sauvignon

After a rant discussion about wine reviews and unconscious bias, Meg and Mel turn to the Chilean Cab. Meg smells blackcurrant and Mel smells…. Her dog Zoe (?!) Meg gets what Mel’s saying but thinks baked earth might be a nicer description, especially as it’s actually quite pleasant. Think cassis, bramble and mint, with dusty tannins. Great wine.

Would we drink it? yes.

Would we buy it? yes.

Join us in a couple of weeks when we do the other extreme – the most expensive Aldi wines!

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